Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Psalm 34:1-3

This weekend I had a lot of memories of Fusion in mind, and I also found a box of old journals. When I first joined in 2009 during morning devotions we would often each do a paraphrase of scripture, then share with each other. Sometimes this would mean directing it specifically towards us, "I will..," other times it would mean breaking down what some of those large concepts mean "love" is huge. It was always encouraging to see how the Spirit would move and use scripture to speak to our lives individually and collectively. Here's one I did this morning of Psalm 34:1-3:

Regardless of circumstance, position or struggle praises will come out of my mouth like rapid fire, 

Like springs of life. 
My soul will find satisfaction and pride in my God, and any bragging will be about His Glory. The oppressed, the marginalized, the afflicted, the suffering, Will hear these praises, share and join - in the collective joy of our Lord and King. Join us as we exalt the best name together, As we put the name of Jesus higher than ourselves.

Monday, April 28, 2014


Puzzle and possibility. Marred yet wonderfully made, forged by hands that know behemoth and minutiae. Despite myself I give you praise. Suffused darkness with Light, showcasing your long glory. The privilege of knowing surpassing the burden of the cost. Death for life, you aide my plight. Replacing poison with balm you comfort and redeem, my knight, my rock, my all. My Saviour.