Tuesday, April 6, 2010

How I spent my Easter 2010

Hey everyone so I have lots to report, the last week of March New Generation put on a camp partnering with Fusion and others for "at risk" students from Operation Restoration Christian School, hard-but fruitful! While a few of us from Fusion were at camp others were getting ready for a festival, visiting schools, and lots of things! When I returned from camp Thursday night I had an evening and morning/most of the day to sleep, then that night we had a prayer vigil for Good Friday. It was on a hill that looks over Kingston. While I was away other team members had gone to schools collecting prayer requests from children and teenagers, so going through those and praying was really powerful. THEN on Saturday Fusion launched into 3 days of festivals in Majesty Gardens. We definitely had obstacles but in the end it was a great start. We've committed to having 3 sets of 3-day festivals this year, so one down two to go! Everyday in this past week deserves an update of its own but for now here's a sneak peek of our festivals!

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