Thursday, June 2, 2011

Another Classic

So as I've been scurrying around like a flustered chicken in a coop because I'm moving to a different country in a few days, I have so many people to see, things to do, etc. Anyway, I have been turning to music to soothe my soul a bit. (Also to make packing significantly more exciting). So since I have been, I have rediscovered two musical truths: 1. Johnny Cash is basically untouchable in terms of quality and his ability to transcend lines of age, class, and geographic location while presenting innovative work, and brilliant story telling. 2. Motown songs are all about heart and soul. Otherwise they would just be dumb pop songs. Some of them are, the classics and the masters conquered the bubble gum to bring about real emotion and depth through the quality and inflection in their voices. The Temptations, Al Greene, and a few others absolutely have got expressing the feelings of human existence on lock. I promise that I don't just love Motown because I'm moving to Detroit, it's been a life long favorite. My family can attest to that. But today, here's a song from the Temptations:

Enjoy your day gentlepeople : D

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