Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Christmas in Philly! (2009-beginning of 2010)

Barbara, me, and Mama by the Christmas tree. We accidentally wore coordinated outfits.

Me and Spike Lee's daughter

Mama on Christmas morning, it was just the two of us in the morning. My dad had work, and others came later. It was nice to spend it with my mom though, exchanging little presents and eating my favorite cereal combination: Kashi Heart to Heart with cold vanilla soy milk, fresh blackberries and dried blueberries. Too much of this entry is about food, but hey! I only get most of my favorite foods when I come to Philly to visit.

Christmas bagels! (Hummus, red and green bell peppers, diced tomatoes, those delicious chips, mmmm). Not a family tradition, I don't even think this was even on Christmas, I think it was the day after, when we were having a movie marathon. The key here is delicious! another favorite food consumed on my visit :)

My brother's army of minions....or construction workers? Or Village people?

My masterpieces!!!!!!!!!!!! I ate the mermaid cookie last.

Mmmm icing! Caitlin and I creating.

Joe and Caitlin, hard at work!

This is my Christmas stocking. One Christmas Eve a really long time ago my brother and my mom stayed up late decorating these plain stockings and putting our names on them. If you look really carefully you will see that mine has a tiny white rocking horse ornament on it. I don't even need to look at the picture to see it, for some reason that little horse is just burned into my a good not painful way.

Presents in lovely paper. Part of me really wasn't expecting gifts since my trip to Philly was more than present enough. But more of me knew that my mom would be up before me rustling around and creating some surprise for me :) I was still pleasantly surprised and very happy though. I'll admit it, I really like opening packages.

This is the advent calendar from my childhood. I looked forward to it going up the entire year, not even necessarily because it was countdown to Christmas, but partly because that's the only time of year the little adorable mouse-y came out. I am totally kidding myself by saying this is all past tense, I still get really excited to see the mouse go up and to count down the days.

Christmas Eve vigil at BW (My congregation of Circle of Hope).

Snow Angel...I got snow in my boots right before a walk, but totally worth it.

Me and Kofi Kohl! One of my favorite people.

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