Monday, March 15, 2010

We love to boogie

So today I was out running and it got really hot. In no way did I feel like continuing to run. Though at this point describing my movement as a "run" may be a bit to grandiose, it was really hot. It was really turning into more of a slow fade down to jog, where your mouth and lips get awkwardly dry. At that point I felt probably more like an antelope that was getting visibly tired that the lion would probably see and say "Oh Baby, Dinner!" ANYWAY I digress, so as soon as I stopped and I was getting ready to walk the rest of the way home, this song came on my ipod and I was so excited I couldn't even contain myself! I had to start running. But it definitely wasn't an I'm cool and motivated run, I look like a Navy Seal or Olympian sort of run. It was definitely a if-there-were-daisies-I-would-pick-you-and-keep-running-awkwardly-goofy sort of run. I definitely feel like there were probably some ballet leaps mixed in there, and silly head bobbing (Which is so not a Kingston-ian thing to do, definitely much more of a silly from Philly). Anyway, I thought I would share my moment of innocent reckless abandon and goofiness. Though, in hindsight I've been thinking about the lyrics and they're actually pretty nasty!

The last bit of my run definitely had some of this action in it, but not so high

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